Welcome to TelNG

TelNG Ltd. was founded in 2005 to develop an IP Centrex platform. We did so, built a customer base and sold the business to a listed UK business where it is still used today. We built an ISP to support our platform so that we could have control of the connections between us and our client sites, QoS being an important issue for IP telephony.

We continued in other areas of business, including international wholesale and some innovative services, including a "call for cash" service aimed at domestic subscribers which allows them to turn unused minutes in calling bundles into cash. This service grew rapidly from its inception; within 12 months of launch, we had 6,000 lines of IVR to handle the traffic being generated.

We are now looking to divest ourselves of some assets. We currently have four /24 blocks of IPv4 addresses for sale allocated to us by RIPE:

For information about acquiring one or more of these blocks, please contact david.knell@telng.com.